Japanese Traditional Food: Eaten only on January 7


On January 7. A lot of Japanese eats Japanese Congee, called in Japan “Nanakusa Gayu”. it is a dish using rice and special seven grasses which are nutritious. Eating “Nanakusa Gayu”, we wish for our good health for the year.

Seven kinds of grasses
After Boiling, cut them into small pieces
Cook Congee: Rice 150g and Water 600g
Mix Congee, ingredient and a little salt

It is difficult to eat “Nanakusa Gayu” at a restaurant, because we usually cook it at home, we eat it only on January 7 every year. And Seven kinds grasses are seasonal, so it’s hard to get.

If you want to eat “Nanakusa Gayu”, let’s stay in Japan on January 7, so you will find it at some restaurant.

By the way, Japanese usually eat a normal congee called “Okayu”. We like to eat it when we want a healthy meal or when we catch a cold. “Okayu” is now getting popular in Japan, so you can find a restaurant serving it in Japan.


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